Propolis, natural remedy for hair growth


According to a Japanese study published in 2014 in the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, propolis promotes hair growth.

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Where is propolis found?

Originally, bees take this resin from the buds of trees. They carry it with their back legs and place it in the hive. In Europe, 95% of propolis comes from poplars. The bees coat the wall of their hive with propolis which acts as a natural mortar. Its function is therefore to protect their habitat. It plugs the interstices and closes the entrance to the hive in winter.

Propolis to prevent hair loss?

The study by researchers at Hokaiddo University in Japan focused on the effects of propolis on hair growth. The trial was conducted on previously shaved mice. On part of them, scientists applied a propolis skin lotion. They observed in this group a clear increase in keratinocyte cells, agents involved in hair regrowth.

The results of the study shed light on the properties of propolis in favor of hair regrowth. The test raises another crucial question for bald people, whether the growth of even new hair (and not the regrowth) could be stimulated by propolis.

The properties of propolis

Since Antiquity, propolis has been applied against tumors, inflammations or wounds. This brown substance is made up of 50% balm and resin, wax, essential oil, pollen and mineral and organic matter. Anti-fungal, propolis treats infections due to the appearance of fungi, such as yeast infections. It is used to treat genital herpes and other oral or vaginal infections. It is used for oral hygiene in the preparation of mouthwashes or toothpastes.

Its anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties for the immune system make it a privileged ally for ENT care and those related to the respiratory system.

Propolis prevents and treats infections such as sore throat, cough, ear infections, sinusitis, loss of voice, wound healing. Its anti-infective powers are linked to the presence of flavonoids (substances such as caffeic acid). Propolis treatment prevents the spread of flu or colds.