Beauty applications for hair and face

These beauty apps will change the way you apply makeup or dye your hair. With these two beauty apps, you can test a hair color or lipstick before you even buy it.

Some beauty brands have developed very innovative strategies to “test before buying”. Read on to learn more about these two beauty apps that you will soon be able to do without.

1) Matrix Color Lounge

The Matrix Color Lounge app (available on the Apple online store or Google Play) allows you to test your new color without obligation and without the risk of a missed dye. Just download the application (it will install by default in the language of your phone), click on virtual transformation and upload a photo of yourself where you can see your hair. Then choose a “Basic color” and a technical application, and you can then “test” as many colors as you want.

2) Sephora Virtual Artist

For makeup, download the Sephora to Go app (also available from the Apple online store or Google Play, but only in English) and choose the “Virtual artist” option – near the bottom of the home page. The camera will bring up your face on the screen and magically color your lips based on the lipstick or lip gloss you choose. So you can try hundreds of colors, save the ones you like best, and buy them now or later.