How to Style Curly Hair


Tired of frizz? Do you like your curls, but as long as they are disciplined? But unfortunately, do you have to struggle every morning to achieve the desired result? Don’t tear your hair out, here are some tips to transform your curly hair into beautiful curls … or perfect brushing!

The secret to a beautiful curl is hydration. Because curly and frizzy hair has the disadvantage of being very dry, their scalp does not produce enough sebum. It is, therefore, necessary to hydrate your hair well to be able to control it as well as possible.

Tame my curly hair

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Nourish the hair well to tame it better

Being able to proudly wear pretty, supple, and light curls is the result of a long process. First, your curly hair is much more fragile than straight hair. They are drier and require constant hydration. This is why, as soon as you shampoo, choose a special extra-nutritive “curly hair” treatment. A conditioner is also recommended, for a double dose of hydration. Opt for treatments with strong nutritional power such as shampoos or masks based on wheat proteins, argan oil, olives or shea butter.
One to two washes per week is sufficient. Always prefer treatments with a gentle cleansing base, no need to attack a scalp that is already fragile by nature. For maximum hydration, do not neglect the conditioner. Also to be chosen for its nourishing action, it will deposit a sheath around the hair fiber to better protect it from external attacks (pollution, hairdryer, straightening iron …). They also bring them a maximum of softness and very pleasant touch.

Prefer a natural finish

After your hair has been washed and nourished, it’s time to style it and put it in place. There, the action is not very complicated: the less you do, the better!
No need to arm yourself with a brush or comb: the ideal is to pass a sculpting mousse over your still damp hair with your fingertips. The curls are then put in place naturally.

Straighten her curly hair

If you are not able to control your curls, you can choose to blow dry. First of all, know that straightening products will greatly facilitate your task. Thanks to them, the brush will slide more easily through your hair, detangling becomes child’s play. In addition, by sheathing the scales, they protect your hair from the heat of the hairdryer and make your brushing last.
The first thing to remember: no need to run. To be successful with your brushing you must be patient because you will have to brush strand by strand. Be careful not to bring the hairdryer too close to avoid damaging the hair fiber. For an ultra-glam result, apply a nourishing serum over the entire hair. This small gesture will make it bright and shiny.

Be careful, however, even if you find that the brushings look good on you, do not overdo it. It remains aggressive for your hair and one straightening per week is more than enough. The rest of the time enjoy your beautiful curls!

What is the link between hair color and personality?

What is the link between hair color and personality

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According to a study published recently in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, women with blond hair have a more aggressive personality and are more determined than redheads or brunettes.

Researcher Aaron Sell and colleagues at the University of California found that 156 women had blond hair in common with certain personality characteristics.
Blondes were more used to receiving attention and favors and felt more confident in achieving their social goals. By being the object of so much consideration, hair color could make a blonde-haired woman feel privileged, which would encourage her to get what she wants.

What about fake blondes? According to the researchers, they appropriate the determination of natural blondes. “Women who dye themselves blond quickly get used to the privileges conferred on them by the color of their hair, that is to say, the special attention of men,” explains psychologist Catherine Salmon, of the University of Redlands in California.

A London Medical Center psychologist believes, however, that these results should be interpreted with a grain of salt, in particular because of the limited number of participants.

8 rules to follow if you have fine or soft hair


Are you too thin or sparse hair in despair? Follow these tips from the pros to restore body and volume to your hair.

soft hair

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Keep hair clean

Richard Mannah, hairdresser and artistic director at Label .m, strongly recommends that people with a beautiful hairdo not skimp on shampoos. He recommends Label .m’s thickening shampoo, whose three essential ingredients, mulch fibers, raspberry extract, and Nonared coffee beans, give your hair more body. If necessary, a dry shampoo like Drybar Detox is excellent for absorbing grease and providing volume to your locks.

Beware of conditioners

If you have soft hair, do not weigh it down by drowning it in conditioner. Richard Mannah recommends using the conditioner only on the tips, which tend to be drier.

Cut them often

Make an appointment for a cut every six to eight weeks if you want to keep your hair healthy and full. And ask your hairstylist to avoid overdoing it. “You have to add volume to your hair, especially to the tips,” says Richard Mannah, but the excess gradient does the opposite.

Bet on products

If you have thin hair, styling products are your secret weapons, especially the volumizing mousse from Label .m, which brings volume and movement to the root. To give maximum effect, the hairdresser recommends lifting each section and passing the dryer, but activating the Cold air option to obtain the maximum volumizing effect. “A slight creping of the roots will give you even more volume.”

Don’t abuse the heat.

Be careful not to set your heating devices to the maximum temperature. A temperature of 200 ° C (400ºF) is, for example, much too high for beautiful hair, according to dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD. “You have to aim for a lower temperature,” she says, “or your hair will risk cooking and breaking.”

Haircare every week

Dr. Jaliman strongly recommends that patients with fragile hair treat it genuinely once a week to help repair damaged areas and give them volume. Try the Nourishing Mask of Amika with jojoba seed oil to improve and strengthen your hair and sea buckthorn berries, rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, including vitamins A and C – real happiness for your strands!

I was eating well for healthy hair.

Proteins are the basis of all healthy hair. If you miss it, your body will be unable to replace the hair you lose every day. Nutritionist Brooke Alpert recommends getting your protein from organic chicken, wild salmon, and Greek yogurt (higher in protein and lower in sugar than other types), as well as in plants such as legumes, seeds, and nuts.

Not only are nuts and salmon high in protein, but they’re also full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for the health of your hair follicles – their health depends on the health of your hair. Greek yogurt is also rich in vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), which contributes to the right blood circulation of your scalp, which stimulates regrowth. “One of my favorite hair health foods is pumpkin seed,” says Brooke Alpert. This delicious seed is rich in zinc, an essential mineral since its deficiency is linked to hair loss.”

Take some pills

Supplements can help fill your vitamin and mineral deficiencies good for hair. Nutrients such as biotin and keratin can help strengthen and thicken your strands. If your hair is beautiful, dermatologist Dendy Engelman recommends using Reserveage Keratin Hair Booster Powder With Biotin, which also contains vitamins B3, B5, B6, copper, and zinc. Supplements like Qilib Hair And Health Reinforcement Biotin and Multivitamin Supplement repair your hair with ingredients like Minoxidil, which have been shown to work.


8 things that change when you cut your hair very short


You have been wearing long hair for years. Why not opt for a makeover by asking the hairdresser for a short cut? Here’s what it will change in your life.

hair very short


Change is good, especially after 25 years.

In high school, I was moping over the beautiful blonde curly mane of Farrah Fawcett – especially the one she wears in the photo of her in a swimsuit, which dreamed of millions of teenagers in the 1980s. My friend at the time had pinned this poster over his bed, which reminded us of our common goal: for him to kiss Farrah, for me to be Farrah. I had wavy brown hair, and I was pretty chubby – far from my ideal. In high school, I could happily wear my long hair and leave my curls wild. No one forced me to tie them up! I have worn them like this for years.

Recently, at 50, I looked in the mirror a little closer to discover something extraordinary: I was no longer 25 years old! I’m not wrong, and I don’t look “old.” But, it was time to change. My little face disappeared behind a mass of hair that used to be fantastic but now out of control. After four stylists refused to cut them, I finally found one who said, “Let’s go! I am so happy with the result.

You will stand more straight.

In the literal sense. Once the cut was done, I realized that I was more than the sum of my hair. I took 1.5 cm high on the doctor’s scale, only by correcting my posture! I feel sexier. My new haircut makes me look a little cheeky: I feel happy, alive, and good about myself. I also changed the way I dress a bit: I wear more plunging necklines and shorter skirts to enhance my body. My gait is safer, and my head and neck are straighter, which catches the eye. I have never been whistled in the street, and I have never turned around in my path before, but with this cut, it is not the same thing anymore.

When I came back from the hair salon the first day, one of my neighbors, an adorable young guy, shouted from the other sidewalk: “Hey, sexy, excellent cut! “When I was younger, it might have offended me, but now I think: put it back! I had always believed that my long hair was an asset in bed, but it bothered. Now my boyfriend and I can kiss without my hair coming in between.

You will discover a wild energy

My new cut allows me to show myself in all my power and my glory. The rebellious aspect of my personality unfolds and takes more control over my life. I love my new look and I’m excited to feel so alive. He accompanies me wherever I go from now on and smiles at me to encourage me when I am not feeling fit. I’m always me: I get up in the morning, I go to work, I do my washing, I take care of my children. But I do it by accepting myself better.

You could have fewer wrinkles

I know it may sound like an exaggeration to you. But my long hair was heavy to wear, so I kept raising my eyebrows. It created ugly folds on my forehead. And then, as I have more confidence in myself, even my face is more relaxed.

We will want to imitate you

Since my cut, several women – I should say almost everyone I know – have praised me. A few told me they were afraid to do the same. We have to do what works for us, that’s all. If you don’t want to cut your long hair for fear of what others will think, take inspiration from my experience. Go under the scissors!.

You will go to the hairdresser more often

My cut holds up very well, but I will soon return to the hairdresser. It’s okay with shorter hair, says Lauren Thompson of the Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York. “If you have chosen a very short style, such as a boy’s cut, it will make your daily life easier. But, you will go to the hairdresser more often, about every eight weeks, she says. It’s like men when the hair grows, the style is lost. ”

You will save on shampoos

I keep using the same organic shampoo, but I take a lot less! Instead of putting a dose the size of my palm, I fill a cap with it.

The bottle lasts for months. But it will all depend on your hair type. “If yours don’t get greasy quickly, you can wash them less often,” says Lauren Thompson. “Short hair dries so quickly that you can wash and style it every day. »Women with long hair allow a few days to pass between shampoos because it takes them time to blow dry with a blow dryer to give them style. When you have short hair, adds Lauren Thompson, “all you have to do is dry it, which is done in the blink of an eye, and shape it with a good paste or cream. ”


How to cut your own hair at home


Many businesses have closed, and many are looking for home solutions. We chatted with a beauty industry expert for good advice (and to avoid disaster!). Kelly Araujo, a hairdresser in Toronto, shares her tips for cutting hair at home here.

cut your own hair

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This strange desire to cut your hair

In quarantine, many choose to make their bread, whipped coffee is in fashion, and hair seems to grow at an unusual rate – at least, it appears that you have. By the end of the first week of social distancing, in the four corners of the planet, many are those who started to take scissors to style their hair (and there are not only successful cuts!).

If you want to get started or get banged, keep reading …but follow the essential advice from Kelly Araujo!

Repair before cutting

Before opting for a homemade cut, already try a repair to make your hair healthier. “Your hair will already look better, which may make you want to cut it all,” says Araujo.

Before going to the official website of the biggest brands, already consult the online collection of hair masks from local shops (to encourage small businesses). Many hair salons have adapted by creating online stores to offer quality hair products to their customers. “This is a great way to continue to support your local small businesses that are currently experiencing unprecedented loss of income, which could even result in them going out of business,” says Araujo.

Araujo recommends using shampoos and conditioners to moisturize your hair and even exfoliators suited to your scalp and hair type.

Avoid sudden changes

Do you think you’re finally ready for bangs? Wait a bit before taking action (again). “I think there is a type of bangs for everyone,” says Araujo, “but determining which type of bangs is best suited for your face and hair is not apparent and is best discussed with your stylist. ”

Kelly Araujo offers us here some rules to follow for a bang that just needs to be revived:

  • Do not use craft or kitchen scissors. Equip yourself with a good pair of precision scissors, which you can find in some pharmacies or on the internet.
  • If you can’t find it, manicure scissors can do the trick.
  • Ignore the sides of your bangs and focus on the center, for a moon-shaped hit that will grow back better than a steep blow.
  • Only cut the hair that falls in your eyes and leave the rest to your hairdresser.

Cut your partner’s hair? Don’t be too ambitious

Your partner has short hair, and he (or she) asks you for help to tame his mane? “Concentrate on the sides of the head and around the ears,” says Araujo. “These are the places that are the most annoying.” She recommends watching the Nomad Barber’s explanatory video (in English), specially made to help apprentice barbers. Don’t hesitate to watch the R&L video, too, to make a smooth cut for men.

Cut them delicately

The way you hold the scissors has a big impact on the end result. Araujo recommends spot cutting, which means cutting the hair up. “It’s more delicate,” she says.

Do you have oily hair? Here are 8 simple ways to make them sublime


No one should have to endure oily and devitalized hair: these beauty tips can indeed give beautiful and healthy hair.

Choose the right brush

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Space out your shampoos

We have already been told that shampoo is the ultimate way to remove excess sebum. But daily washing is not suitable for oily scalps. Indeed, paradoxically, the best way to beautify oily hair would be to reduce shampoos.

The shampoo often irritates the scalp and strips it of its natural oils, which triggers an accelerated production of sebum. The more you wash it, the more your scalp compensates by secreting sebum. Limit yourself to two or three shampoos with lukewarm water per week, and you will get amazing results.

Choose the right brush.

Did you know that your hairbrush could be partly responsible for your oily hair? Dust and hair products, such as oil or foam, accumulate on the bristles of the brush, which is too rarely cleaned or replaced, even when it is filthy.

This is why, if you have oily hair, choose a brush with spaced nylon bristles rather than supplied. Because dense hairs soften and smear the natural oils in your scalp, says Dove hair expert Cynthia Alvarez in the Huffington Post.

Stop touching your hair all the time.

It can be an unconscious gesture. We do it out of boredom, to seduce, or to concentrate without even realizing it. But you have to put an end to this bad habit if you want to have more beautiful hair, especially if your hair is oily. When you touch them, you directly pass the oil on your hands to them.

Hide the problem under an original hairstyle

There are days when there seems to be no form of product that can get the better of oily hair. We must then find a strategy, style side. You can hide your oily roots by pulling your hair back to make a messy bun or ponytail. Another handy way is to curl yourself. They will give your hair more volume, which will prevent them from being in contact with the source of sebum.

Opt for a deep wash

If your usual shampoo can no longer remove the grease from your hair, opt for a deep treatment. Several hair salons offer conditioners that perfectly cleanse the hair and remove all traces of sebum. Professional Kérastase treatments are among the most popular and effective. You can also use a clarifying shampoo once a month for a deep house wash.

Gently with dry shampoos

Dry shampoos are beneficial when you space out the washes and also want to control the grease of the hair. Certain concentrated products absorb sebum while retaining the texture of your hair and adding volume, which allows you to skip a whole week of regular shampoo, according to InStyle. The key is to find the right balance. You want to avoid relying on dry shampoos, but it can help you out using it once or twice a week.

Avoid any moisturizer

It sounds obvious, but it is always worth remembering. If you have oily hair, it is still better to avoid moisturizing shampoos, which are for dry and matt hair, or concentrated conditioners. Also, be careful not to apply oils too close to the roots (but they are perfect for the tips); the same goes for too dense foams and hairspray.

No matter if they smell wonderfully good, all of these products contain particles that stick to your strands and make them look more substantial and oily. The shampoo par excellence for oily hair must be purifying, without residue and revitalizing at the same time.

Take care of your diet

Finally, when it comes to improving the appearance of your oily hair, you can start by caring for your body. Your diet plays an essential role in your hair, the speed at which it grows, their health and tone, and of course, on the amount of sebum they generate. By following a diet low in sugars and carbohydrates, you will quickly notice an improvement in your hair. Fried foods are your worst enemy: eliminate them to get shiny hair without excess sebum.


Have a look at the 15 best long and short pixie cuts – 2021 hair trends


The main aim of this article is to let you know about some hairstyle tips. It is also to give you the idea that short hair also needs to be taken care of in the same way like long hair.
In case you haven’t had short hair ever, you might not have any cravings for short hair.
But, this article is all about the latest trends of pixie cuts that can make you go awe to have short hair.

haircut ideas for white hair


It is a very common fact that short hair is much more comfortable than long hair.

It can make you feel revived especially during the summer days. Many also think that the shorter the hair the better it looks.

Well, with a look at our picked pixie cuts, you can easily perceive the reason why it is better to go short.
It is a hairstyle that comes with various advantages.

Many individuals today opt for pixie trims just because they find it difficult to keep up with long messy hair.
Especially women who work all day long, they find having shorter hair is the best for them.

Others love short hair as it does not need much attention as long hair does.
You can browse around for the best hairstyle of pixie cuts.
If you are having smooth and slender hair, pixie cut will suit you better as it will make your hair feel more in volume and also adds in some of your height.

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5 natural tips for beautiful hair


Is your hair brittle, fragile or dull? Your skincare routine may be at stake. Conventional cosmetics are full of aggressive and not very eco-friendly ingredients. What if we turned to tips that are as natural as they are effective? delivers these 5 secrets to take care of your hair naturally.

Shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums … What if we went to organic and eco-friendly products? Grandma’s recipes for your hair and simple daily actions are the best way to have a beautiful mane.

natural tips for beautiful hair

By kiuikson /

1- Brewer’s yeast

If you want to take care of your hair, brewer’s yeast is excellent. It can be taken in the form of tablets, capsules or powder and mixed with your diet during meals.
It contains vitamin B8 which helps revitalize and strengthen your hair. By promoting the synthesis of keratin, it also contributes to the faster growth of your hair!

The habit: a good diet.

It is often said that the appearance of our hair, like our skin, reflects our health. Choose a healthy and balanced diet: cook iron-based foods (meat, fish, but also lentils, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) as well as those rich in vitamins B and C found mainly in fruits and vegetables. Kale is known to contain all these properties: sauté it in the pan or mix it with your favorite smoothies!

2- Aloe vera

If you thought that the moisturizing properties of this plant were only beneficial for the skin, well you were wrong! It is just as good for the well-being of your hair. Used as a conditioner, apply a dab of aloe vera gel to your lengths, then rinse.

The habit to take: organic products and adapted to your hair type.

To take care of your mane, determine your hair type. Normal hair, dry hair or oily hair? Kinky, smooth or wavy? Each hair has its particularity. Again, favor natural products by avoiding buying shampoos and after shampoos containing silicone.

3- The oil baths

Said like that, this method can be scary but be careful, it is not a question of soaking your hair in a bowl of oil but of applying it on all your lengths only.
If the oil touches the scalp, it may grease it. Leave the mask on for a few hours, see it overnight, it will restore shine and softness to the hair. Olive oil, argan oil or castor oil are suitable for these night hair masks.

The habit to take: masks before shampoo.

Less known, they are however the most natural and the most beneficial. Again, adapt your mask according to the nature of your hair. It is applied before your daily care, on dry hair and must rest between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
To make this kind of mask, the list of natural ingredients that can be used is long: avocado, egg yolks, coconut milk, shea butter, bananas …

4- Cold water

If you’re a fan of near-hot showers, cold water may not be the best advice we can give you. And yet, it allows to close the scales of the hair and make it more shiny.
Cold water also reactivates the blood microcirculation of the scalp, which prevents hair loss. After your shampoo, finishing your rinse with a few jets will only do them good!

The habit to take: the heat protector.

If you are used to brushing or straightening iron, you may have already noticed that between the heat of the styling devices and your hair, this is not great love.
Too high a temperature damages the hair deeply and breaks it. Use natural drying when you wash your hair. If you have to confront your hair with what it most fears, use a natural heat protector. Coconut oil, thanks to its thick consistency and its ability to increase the humidity of your hair, is reputed to be protective.

5- The boar bristle or sisal fiber brush

Boar hair or sisal plant fibers spread sebum from the scalp to the length and nourish them at the same time. This brush also makes your hair stronger and less greasy. Please note, this is not a styling brush. Before using it, your hair must be untangled beforehand.

The habit: the right technique for brushing hair.

There is an old saying that it would take 100 brushes each night to have dream hair. Received idea ! Too much brushing the hair breaks it.
It’s about using the right technique and not overdoing it. So brush your mane gently, starting with tips to the scalp so as not to damage them.

7 tips approved by colorists to graze in beauty


If your monthly salon visits no longer seem worth it – or the price – there is an increasingly chic easy solution: gray! The secrets of these celebrity stylists will help you transition to gray hair.

gray hair


1 – Be patient with your gray hair

There are a lot of interesting things that can happen when your hair turns gray, but for most people, at best, this is a process that takes forever and is certainly not going to happen overnight. “If you want to let your hair turn gray,” says Lauren Hack, celebrity colorist and co-founder of LAUREN + VANESSA Hair and Beauty in New York, you should know that patience is paramount. It will be a shock to the eye and it might put your emotions on edge, but you will need to focus on the end result and keep in mind why you made this decision. In short, do not panic and do not jump on the first bottle of tincture that falls on hand. There are a few ways to ease this transition.

beautiful gray hair


2 – For beautiful gray hair, make strands

This may seem counterintuitive, but experts recommend adding subtle pops of color to transition to more evenly graying hair. “When you decide to let your gray hair grow naturally, start by dyeing it gently so that the roots grow more harmoniously,” says Kali Ferrara, senior colorist at the Roy Teeluck Salon in New York. It’s easy for an experienced colorist to apply a lighter base color that will blend with the highlights. Avoid warmer colors like reds and Venetian blondes, however, warns Kali Ferrara. These shades could indeed backfire and contrast even more with your roots.

darken your gray hair


3 – Lightly darken your gray hair

As an alternative to locks, Lauren Hack suggests adding locks that are less vibrant than the natural color of your hair. “It reduces the color of the sprout and requires less maintenance – maybe every 10 to 12 weeks. “And if you really want to dare, you can ask your colorist to do a double treatment of your hair to give it a platinum or gray tone, and then let it grow as is. It’s important to note, however, that you will likely need more than one or two salon appointments to achieve the desired result.

gray hair a good cut


4 – Give your gray hair a good cut

If you do not want to add a new color to your hair and you are looking for a solution requiring less maintenance, Kali Ferrara recommends that you keep your roots as long as possible, then opt for a short cut to to remove all that remains of color. During the growth phase, you can hide your roots with a headband, hat or a beautiful scarf. “This is a radical change, but it may also be the new look you are looking for! she explains. See your natural hair color as a new adventure, a gesture of freedom. ”

beautiful gray hair 5


5 – Use good quality products at home

The texture of gray hair is quite different from the hair of your youth. George Papanikolas, hairdresser and artistic director of Matrix, explains that they are generally thicker, frizzy and dry. To combat this, he recommends treating your locks with moisturizers that will keep them silky and shiny. Her favorite? The whole range of Biolage R. A. W. products “They do not contain sulfates or silicones, so they are soft, but they are rich in powerful and natural ingredients which keep the wicks super hydrated. He recommends Biolage R. A. W. Re-Hydrate Mask. You should also add a shampoo with purple highlights to combat the coppery hue and keep your hair color bright. Stephanie Brown, colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York, recommends Clairol’s Shimmer Lights. “It’s cheap and it’s effective!” ”
Make sure you choose the right product for your hair type.

Opt for salon treatment


6 – Opt for salon treatment

Some salon treatments such as keratin and moisturizing masks are often more powerful than the ones you use at home. Mara Kadish, colorist at the Warren-Tricomi salon in New York, recommends giving your hair a nice shine effect, which you can do every week in the salon or at home. “A shine will give them a more finished, more polished look, because gray hair tends to look more curly and less smooth,” she says.

Another must-have treatment: Olaplex, which Mara Kadish describes as “a product that nourishes your hair”. “It restores the links that were broken in the hair, making them stronger, more voluminous and shiny! she says. It’s really like a magic wand for hair. ”

beautiful gray hair hairstyles


7 – Try other hairstyles

Whether you’re trying to cover up or cover it up, Mara Kadish suggests trying a few of the styles that are going to get you out of your everyday look – a ponytail, a different stripe or paint them towards the ‘back to “hide” the roots. “Changing creates different looks that make gray hair look really cool and intentional,” she says. Keep changing and trying different styles as they grow. ”

Gray hair: 13 things that will happen if you stop coloring


Many women turn to coloring from the first gray hair. But more and more of them are choosing to let nature take its course. If you choose to drop the dye, this is what you need to do to go gray with style.

Gray hair


1 – When should you definitely go gray?

This is a completely personal decision. Typically, Mike Liang, a colorist at the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in New York, suggests waiting until 80% of your hair is depigmented or white. If your hair starts to get increasingly dry, brittle, damaged, or your scalp is often irritated, you should consider dropping the dye.

This will save you


2 – This will save you

Whether you make an appointment with your colourist for highlights, a color or for the roots – or that you adopt the more economical solution by doing this at home – maintaining a color is expensive. Stopping dyeing your hair can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

Hair sensitivity


3 – Your hair could go through a delicate phase

Giving up dyeing requires patience, especially during the intermediate period, which lasts two to three weeks. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ease this transition without using permanent dye. Clairol’s chief colorist James Corbett recommends using a semi-permanent gloss such as Clairol’s Natural Instincts to facilitate the growth phase, or opting for subtle streaks around the face to make the demarcation line less visible. You can either do a few strands around your face to increase the brightness, or touch up the roots if you are looking for a quick solution (these dyes are washable).

White hair

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4 – Your hair may look more sparse

According to James Corbett, dyeing makes your hair appear thicker for two reasons: it swells the cuticles, giving each strand more volume and creating an illusion of depth and luminosity, which makes your hair appear to have more body. It’s for this reason that when you stop dyeing your hair, your hair looks much less voluminous.



5 – You may want to change your makeup

The color makes your complexion brighter. When you give up the color, your skin may appear a bit dull and you may feel the need to apply more makeup. “Especially at the start, you will probably want to have more contrasting lips and eyes to bring out your features,” continues James Corbett.

hair will change


6 – The texture of your hair will change, for better or for worse

“Depending on their natural texture, your hair may become rougher or brittle when you get gray,” says Mike Liang. “Dyeing can be beneficial to the texture of your hair since the fatty lipids it contains tame rebellious strands and frizz,” adds James Corbett. But the health of your hair can also improve if it has been damaged by color. ”



7 – You will have to find the right products

When your hair turns gray, it’s important to find shampoos and conditioners with moisturizing ingredients. Mike Liang recommends Julien Farel’s Hydrating Shampoo, which is supplemented with hyaluronic acid, a molecule that loves humidity and can retain up to a thousand times its weight in water. You may also need a new styling product. “After you stop the color, you may need an ointment, foam or texturizing spray to get your hair back in shape and body,” says James Corbet.

Gray hair


 8 – You should do new exercises

Even if we associate gray hair with old age, but it is not because you have chosen to live with your natural color that you should necessarily feel old. “Some women are looking for other ways to feel young, such as engaging in new exercise routines,” said James Corbett.

coloring hair


9 – And you may also change your wardrobe

“A change in hair color sometimes results in a complete overhaul of your look,” says James Corbett. The color of your hair is an important part of your image, especially if you are identified with a very particular color. “You may feel the need to wear a daring necklace or to choose eye-catching bags to be able to feel yourself again.”

new haircut


10 – You may want a new haircut

“When a woman regains her natural color, she often wants a bolder or more sophisticated hairstyle to perpetuate an appearance that reflects her personality in this new chapter in her life,” says James Corbet. And if you are wondering if you can still wear long hair after 40 years, the answer is yes!

Coloring short hair, find the ideal color


Nothing like a pretty color to enhance a short haircut. Boyish, pixie or undercut, know that there are tricks to highlight each model. We will explain everything to you.

4 golden rules to know for coloring short hair

Coloring short hair

Asymmetric Bob Haircuts

If you have a very short boyish cut, go for a uniform and glossy coloring. It can be a pretty brown, jet black, platinum blonde or golden blonde. Play with waxes and gels to give your hair even more brightness and create a very chic luster effect.

If you have a short cut like undercut, with more volume on the top of the head and the front of the face, you can make sets of wicks and create a little more contrast. to display a slightly darker nape and sides of the head and to leave the top and front of the face a few lighter shades.

If you have fine hair and want to create an impression of volume, it is advisable to wear roots a little darker than the lengths and ends. It will also give a more natural look to your coloring, especially if it is blonde or light brown.

If you want to give character to your face, fall for a strong and dynamic color, like a platinum blonde, a pearl gray or even an ephemeral pastel. This will give your short haircut a trendy touch. Be aware that ideally, it is better to achieve these colors on a discolored basis.

The trends of the season

Caramel, chocolate and hazelnut nuances are very popular this spring-summer, as well as golden blondes and roux.
You can also crack without hesitation for a very deep brown or a slightly colder iced chestnut.
Finally, pink blondes and reds will seduce those who are looking for more original colors.

Short hair : the colors to adopt


Want to give character and style to your cut? Adopt one of these colo trends spotted by our expert without further delay.



Nothing like a pretty color to enhance a hairstyle and give pep to our face. Here are the essentials of the season, especially suitable for short hair:

  • The platinum blonde which is worn over the entire length and which is energized with a few streaks of mint, orange, pink or purple. Avoid the tie and dye effect and prefer to place these splashes of color in the strategic places of your cut, like on a wick for example.
  • Metallic browns that light up brunettes’ hair and enhance brown hair.
  • The red with blonde highlights for an ultra glamorous sunny effect. An ideal colo for porcelain skins and light or hazel irises which enhances a short square or very degraded material.
  • The brown with purplish undertones to be worn evenly across the hair. It highlights the tanned complexions and gives the allure to the cups with bangs.
  • The ashy or silvery grays that awaken the salt and pepper hair. The ideal cut to display with this type of color? An ultra modern short unstructured or a smooth and disciplined asymmetrical look for a very chic look.

Thanks to Jean-Claude Barbotte Goralski, colorist Schwarzkopf Professional.

Haircuts: 5 short haircut ideas for white hair


Dynamic, modern, boyish or graphic, highlight your white hair with one of these short haircuts.

Nothing like a pretty short cut to give a facelift to white hair but also to give them more volume and movement. Our favorites: the very short and tapered boyish cut on the whole head, the voluminous pixie cut on the top and the undercut cut with the sides more tapered than the top of the head.

We are also inspired by the pretty haircuts of Françoise Hardy, Maye Musk, Helen Mirren or Line Renaud who understood that the short was ideal for sublimating their white hair.

You can also fall for a short square, perfect for those who want to keep a little length or those who have wavy or curly hair.
With a graphic, tapered, straight or slightly plunging line, the square is perfect for highlighting white hair and giving it a nice movement.

The trick: highlight it by carrying out a soft brushing with a round brush and a hairdryer.

1 – An undercut cut

An undercut cut

© Instagram @fitandcraftycolleen

2 – Jamie Lee Curtis’ short haircut

Jamie Lee Curtis' short haircut

© Backgrid USA / Bestimage

3 – Glenn Close’s short haircut

Glenn Close's short haircut

© Backgrid USA / Bestimage

4 – A voluminous short square

A voluminous short square

© Instagram @hairbyadrien

5 – Boyish haircut

Boyish haircut

© Instagram @clairehaire17

5 misconceptions about white hair


More fragile, more difficult to color … The ideas received on white hair die hard. True or false? Maxime Pradere, colorist ambassador Eugène Perma professional answers us.

5 misconceptions about white hair


1 – White hair is more fragile

False. White hair tends to be more difficult to tame because “thicker and thicker”, notes Maxime Pradere. Of course, “it depends on the quality of the person’s basic hair fiber,” he adds. “If she already has fine hair and doesn’t have much, her gray hair will look the same.”

2 -  White hair is difficult to color

False. “Dyeing white hair is like drawing on a blank page, you can afford anything easily,” said the expert. All colors can be practiced because the hair is bare. “We can achieve colors that are difficult to achieve on dark lengths, such as platinum blonde”.

3 – White hair is the result of genetics

True. “The genetic factor plays a role in the appearance of gray hair,” said the professional. If both of your parents have “100% white hair at a certain age”, it is “very likely that this is also the case for you at the same age, but it is not compulsory”. Can we delay their appearance? “There is no care or treatment, which, to my knowledge, would postpone their arrival,” said Maxime Pradere. “However, we can always do a tone on tone coloring or make streaks to drown them in the hair”.

4 – White hair grows twice as much if pulled out

False. “It’s a myth,” says the professional. If you pluck a white hair, it will not make two others grow! “They don’t contaminate your hair,” he laughs. “A hair has a lifespan of 2 to 7 years approximately”, when we lose them naturally, it means that another hair follicle has taken its place. “If you force it out, at the start of its life it will not grow for the rest of the cycle.”

5 – White hair appears more quickly with stress

True. “Stress leads to their appearance more quickly because the hair is very sensitive to the body’s metabolism”. How to explain this phenomenon? It is thanks to melanin that your lengths are of this or that color. When you are stressed, the body produces fewer enzymes necessary for the production of melanin. “The bulb is less nourished, so the hair will become depigmented”.

White hair: 5 mistakes not to make


Update on faux pas that could compromise a bright color and a dynamic look with Christophe Nicolas Biot, hair colorist artist.

Lengths yellowed or too dry, frizz uncontrollable and dull hair … Some details can age and lead to appearance. However, having beautiful white hair is possible if you give yourself the means and avoid some mistakes. Here are five things you should not do to keep beautiful white hair.

White hair


1. Let them grow too much

It is very rare to see long white hair … and beautiful. For that, it would have to be smooth and silky, but once the melanocytes stop producing melanin and the hair loses its color, its texture changes. White hair tends to curl and be thicker. In addition, when they are too long, they always end up turning yellow on the lengths and ends. So it is better to find a well-cut hairstyle that matches your style, whether it is a mid-length, a square or a short cut.

2. Zap the colorist

Our environment contributes to the oxidation of hair, which inevitably turns yellow. It is important to continue to do care regularly and to visit your hairdresser or even your colorist in order to rework your “white” if necessary.

3. Smoking

There’s nothing worse than cigarette smoke when you have white hair. Smoking is already not very flattering for the skin (it tarnishes the complexion) but tobacco also turns hair yellow more quickly.

4. Leave them natural

White hair requires daily maintenance. Make a very mild shampoo every day, so that they are always clean and bright. Drier in nature, they quickly lose their shine, which is why it is necessary to work on them, brush them and style them.

5. Swear by blue shampoos

Indeed, they quickly decrease the yellow effect on the lengths. But beware, on the flip side. Too many blue shampoos risk swapping the yellow effect for slightly purplish reflections!