Discover 7 natural concealer remedies for a luminous look

Between overwork, lack of sleep or inheritance, dark circles weigh down the eyes and make them look tired. Enemies of a fresh complexion and a luminous gaze, dark circles first appear at the corner of the eye before spreading over the contour. We suggest you say goodbye to dark circles and opt for these effective and 100% natural remedies.

Discover 7 natural concealer remedies for a luminous look

The result of poor blood circulation around the eye, dark circles, often bluish, are very unattractive. To make dark circles disappear, you must of course get a good night’s sleep. But there is no longer a need to build up concealer, a surface and fleeting solution that prevents the skin from breathing. Here are 7 natural concealer remedies that prove once again that nature is well done!

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an excellent concealer. Its gel is applied gently to the eye area in small quantities. Natural tensor, we prefer organic to take advantage of its benefits. It can however be slightly irritating on this sensitive area.

Add a few drops of organic calophyll oil, healing and circulatory, to optimize the benefits of the care of your eye area.

2. Blueberry water

Used since the Middle Ages to relieve tired eyes, blueberry water will make your pockets deflate and remove your dark circles. Natural decongestant, blueberry water is ideal for relieving tired eyes from screens.
To take advantage of its many benefits, soak two discs of blueberry cotton wool and leave for 10 minutes on your closed eyelids.

3. Green tea

Traditionally used to accelerate the elimination of toxins, green tea can also activate blood circulation. And for good reason, its antioxidant properties give it an ultra effective concealer power! Remedy of grandmother par excellence, decongestant but also ecological. Now, if you are a tea lover, do not throw away your used tea bags. Place them in the refrigerator and use them on days of fatigue. Like compresses, put a tea bag on each eye for a few minutes.

4. The great chamomile

As with your green tea bags, don’t throw away your chamomile tea. Let them cool in the fridge and then apply them on the eyes to reactivate blood circulation.
The combined action of the cold and the soothing, cleansing and antiseptic properties of the chamomile will help reduce puffiness and puffy eyes.

5. The cucumber

Composed of 95% water, cucumber is a true natural source of hydration. The copper it contains promotes the formation of collagen, a regenerating benefit for the eye area, which is noticeably fragile. Cut two very fresh and organic cucumber slices to optimize its effect on puffy eyes. Leave the slices on your eyes for a few minutes.

6. The fig

Rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, potassium, calcium and iron, the fig is full of benefits. Like the cucumber, the fig has the power to soothe dark circles under the eyes by acting as anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory.
Apply half a fig placed beforehand in the refrigerator on each eyelid and leave to act for 5 minutes. The result is stunning !

7. The potato

Ideal for stimulating the blood circulation around the eyes, the potato also reduces the dilation of blood vessels. A lesser-known remedy, but much more effective than cucumbers, potatoes contain far more vitamins C and antioxidants. Mash two pieces of potato roughly a centimeter thick. Wrap a little in a linen handkerchief and apply it on your dark circles for about twenty minutes.