Hair: what color for my complexion?

Do you want to find the color that will best enhance your complexion? Our expert reveals her tips for fair, mixed and black skin.

Hair: what color for my complexion

I have a fair pink complexion

To stay in harmony with the color of your complexion, reduce the warm reflections of your coloring. If you have blond hair, fall for a polar, ashy or platinum shade. If you have darker hair, go for a glossy brown or a cool brown. What get an immediate good-looking effect! If you have freckles, a flamboyant or Venetian roux will be perfect for you.

I have a golden or Mediterranean complexion

On the contrary, try to accentuate the warm reflections of your color. Fall for example for a golden or honey blonde, for a caramel brown or coppery brown. Add more depth to the roots and heat the lengths and ends only. Avoid overly light colors which will tend to dull your complexion.

I have a mixed skin or black skin

The intense colors like brown, dark brown or auburn are the shades for you! Remember to boost the shine of your mixed or frizzy hair by regularly making masks and hair care.

Thanks to Marisol, artistic director of the Marisol show.