How to cut your own hair at home

Many businesses have closed, and many are looking for home solutions. We chatted with a beauty industry expert for good advice (and to avoid disaster!). Kelly Araujo, a hairdresser in Toronto, shares her tips for cutting hair at home here.

cut your own hair
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This strange desire to cut your hair

In quarantine, many choose to make their bread, whipped coffee is in fashion, and hair seems to grow at an unusual rate – at least, it appears that you have. By the end of the first week of social distancing, in the four corners of the planet, many are those who started to take scissors to style their hair (and there are not only successful cuts!).

If you want to get started or get banged, keep reading …but follow the essential advice from Kelly Araujo!

Repair before cutting

Before opting for a homemade cut, already try a repair to make your hair healthier. “Your hair will already look better, which may make you want to cut it all,” says Araujo.

Before going to the official website of the biggest brands, already consult the online collection of hair masks from local shops (to encourage small businesses). Many hair salons have adapted by creating online stores to offer quality hair products to their customers. “This is a great way to continue to support your local small businesses that are currently experiencing unprecedented loss of income, which could even result in them going out of business,” says Araujo.

Araujo recommends using shampoos and conditioners to moisturize your hair and even exfoliators suited to your scalp and hair type.

Avoid sudden changes

Do you think you’re finally ready for bangs? Wait a bit before taking action (again). “I think there is a type of bangs for everyone,” says Araujo, “but determining which type of bangs is best suited for your face and hair is not apparent and is best discussed with your stylist. ”

Kelly Araujo offers us here some rules to follow for a bang that just needs to be revived:

  • Do not use craft or kitchen scissors. Equip yourself with a good pair of precision scissors, which you can find in some pharmacies or on the internet.
  • If you can’t find it, manicure scissors can do the trick.
  • Ignore the sides of your bangs and focus on the center, for a moon-shaped hit that will grow back better than a steep blow.
  • Only cut the hair that falls in your eyes and leave the rest to your hairdresser.

Cut your partner’s hair? Don’t be too ambitious

Your partner has short hair, and he (or she) asks you for help to tame his mane? “Concentrate on the sides of the head and around the ears,” says Araujo. “These are the places that are the most annoying.” She recommends watching the Nomad Barber’s explanatory video (in English), specially made to help apprentice barbers. Don’t hesitate to watch the R&L video, too, to make a smooth cut for men.

Cut them delicately

The way you hold the scissors has a big impact on the end result. Araujo recommends spot cutting, which means cutting the hair up. “It’s more delicate,” she says.