8 things that change when you cut your hair very short

You have been wearing long hair for years. Why not opt for a makeover by asking the hairdresser for a short cut? Here’s what it will change in your life.

hair very short

Change is good, especially after 25 years.

In high school, I was moping over the beautiful blonde curly mane of Farrah Fawcett – especially the one she wears in the photo of her in a swimsuit, which dreamed of millions of teenagers in the 1980s. My friend at the time had pinned this poster over his bed, which reminded us of our common goal: for him to kiss Farrah, for me to be Farrah. I had wavy brown hair, and I was pretty chubby – far from my ideal. In high school, I could happily wear my long hair and leave my curls wild. No one forced me to tie them up! I have worn them like this for years.

Recently, at 50, I looked in the mirror a little closer to discover something extraordinary: I was no longer 25 years old! I’m not wrong, and I don’t look “old.” But, it was time to change. My little face disappeared behind a mass of hair that used to be fantastic but now out of control. After four stylists refused to cut them, I finally found one who said, “Let’s go! I am so happy with the result.

You will stand more straight.

In the literal sense. Once the cut was done, I realized that I was more than the sum of my hair. I took 1.5 cm high on the doctor’s scale, only by correcting my posture! I feel sexier. My new haircut makes me look a little cheeky: I feel happy, alive, and good about myself. I also changed the way I dress a bit: I wear more plunging necklines and shorter skirts to enhance my body. My gait is safer, and my head and neck are straighter, which catches the eye. I have never been whistled in the street, and I have never turned around in my path before, but with this cut, it is not the same thing anymore.

When I came back from the hair salon the first day, one of my neighbors, an adorable young guy, shouted from the other sidewalk: “Hey, sexy, excellent cut! “When I was younger, it might have offended me, but now I think: put it back! I had always believed that my long hair was an asset in bed, but it bothered. Now my boyfriend and I can kiss without my hair coming in between.

You will discover a wild energy

My new cut allows me to show myself in all my power and my glory. The rebellious aspect of my personality unfolds and takes more control over my life. I love my new look and I�m excited to feel so alive. He accompanies me wherever I go from now on and smiles at me to encourage me when I am not feeling fit. I’m always me: I get up in the morning, I go to work, I do my washing, I take care of my children. But I do it by accepting myself better.

You could have fewer wrinkles

I know it may sound like an exaggeration to you. But my long hair was heavy to wear, so I kept raising my eyebrows. It created ugly folds on my forehead. And then, as I have more confidence in myself, even my face is more relaxed.

We will want to imitate you

Since my cut, several women – I should say almost everyone I know – have praised me. A few told me they were afraid to do the same. We have to do what works for us, that’s all. If you don’t want to cut your long hair for fear of what others will think, take inspiration from my experience. Go under the scissors!.

You will go to the hairdresser more often

My cut holds up very well, but I will soon return to the hairdresser. It’s okay with shorter hair, says Lauren Thompson of the Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York. �If you have chosen a very short style, such as a boy’s cut, it will make your daily life easier. But, you will go to the hairdresser more often, about every eight weeks, she says. It�s like men when the hair grows, the style is lost. ”

You will save on shampoos

I keep using the same organic shampoo, but I take a lot less! Instead of putting a dose the size of my palm, I fill a cap with it.

The bottle lasts for months. But it will all depend on your hair type. “If yours don’t get greasy quickly, you can wash them less often,” says Lauren Thompson. “Short hair dries so quickly that you can wash and style it every day. �Women with long hair allow a few days to pass between shampoos because it takes them time to blow dry with a blow dryer to give them style. When you have short hair, adds Lauren Thompson, “all you have to do is dry it, which is done in the blink of an eye, and shape it with a good paste or cream. ”