5 home remedies to cure dry lips

The skin of the lips is the thinnest in the whole body. Devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands, it dries quickly. Here are five foolproof home remedies.

home remedies to cure dry lips
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Home remedies to cure dry lips

The lips are exposed to the action of the sun, wind, and several other irritants. Fortunately, there are home remedies to keep it sweet.

Treat dry lips by brushing them.

Massage your lips every morning with a soft toothbrush. If you like the taste of honey, drop a little on the brush. Also, they will be slightly fuller after brushing.

Papaya dry lips treatment

The components of papaya soften the skin. Crush 1/4 papaya, spread the pulp on your lips and around your mouth. Rinse with warm water after 10 minutes, then apply a lip balm. Please note: papaya leaves stubborn stains on clothing.

Prepare a hydrating balm for your dry lips.

Heat 2 tablespoons of wheat germ oil, one tablespoon of beeswax, and one tablespoon of honey in a bain-marie. Add three drops of mint essential oil and two drops of chamomile essential oil. Mix until the cream thickens, pour it into a small jar, and let it cool.

Avoid moistening your lips with your tongue so as not to dry them more.

This bad habit is to be avoided, especially in winter! The combined effect of cold and humidity accentuates dehydration; the lips dry out and crack.

Apply compresses to your dry lips

If you have dry lips, try an equal part of thyme, willow bark, and chamomile. Take one tablespoon of the dried mixture, then cover it with 250 ml of hot water. Let macerate for 10 minutes before filtering. Dip a cloth into the infusion and apply for 20 minutes on the lips.