Hair botox: the treatment that repairs the hair in depth

Our hair is strained daily. Brushing, excessive and repeated heat, the phenomenon of friction with the fabrics, and many other factors come to sensitize it and then damage it in the long term. Hair botox then provides an intense and long-lasting solution to the most abused fibers. Gianni, founder of the R-Factory show answered our questions.

Hair botox
By Andriiii /

What is hair botox?

It is a protocol over several days that heals the inside and the outside of the hair by regenerating it. Hair botox consists of:

  • pro-keratin (synthetic keratin that is neither vegetable nor animal and therefore does not alter the color or shape of the hair)
  • silk protein to soften, nourish and rebuild;
  • seaweed protein to provide water and therefore hydration;
  • and hyaluronic acid to fill the interior of the fiber.

“In this way, we manage to repair, regain and plump the most damaged hair,” says the expert before continuing: “This is not a smoothing like Brazilian straightening for example. Here, we fights against the frothy appearance caused by frizz because we rehydrate and nourish the hair in depth. It is then healthier, silkier, as shiny “.

What does a hair botox treatment protocol look like?

Different application steps are inevitable in order to guarantee good penetration and hold of the treatment. First, we start with a first wash then with a second shampoo whose pH will help to slightly open the scales. In this way, the hair botox penetrates properly and more easily.

The hair is intentionally not disentangled before application of the product to avoid closing the scales on themselves. Then, strand by strand, the active ingredients are distributed over the entire length using a brush and massaged by hand. A brush with tight bristles is passed only last in order to close the scales and trap the assets. The professional leaves it on for 20 minutes under diffused but light heat and dries at low temperature, performing a specific brushing to shine the fiber. In this way, the care is captured and the scales tightened.

Secondly, you are asked to wash your hair at home with a sulfate-free shampoo 24 to 48 hours after the protocol to give the fiber time to absorb all the treatment. If the hair already seems more controlled and silkier when leaving the salon, after washing at home, it appears truly repaired, hydrated, and more vigorous.

“It is also good to point out that during the 24-48 hours of waiting, you must not use heated styling accessories, otherwise the fiber will be irreparably burned. However, it is possible to tie your hair without a problem”. The good news is that during this lag time, the fiber doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down by a treatment that is, in reality, setting and working discreetly.

Who is it for ?

Hair botox has no contraindication. Pregnant women can give the practice a try. This treatment is intended for all hair that needs to be repaired and strengthened in-depth. “It is possible to opt for this treatment as soon as you feel that the fiber is dehydrated, that it becomes tangled or breaks a lot. I have clients who come for prevention, before the summer holidays, to cover the fiber and protect it from the sun, chlorine or seawater which attack it in depth “.

How long does the treatment take for the hair?

The virtues of hair botox last 8 to 12 weeks. “At the end of these almost three months, the hair remains improved. It’s a bit like doing a magnesium treatment in the sense that you keep the effects long-lasting.”