How to Style Curly Hair

Tired of frizz? Do you like your curls, but as long as they are disciplined? But unfortunately, do you have to struggle every morning to achieve the desired result? Don’t tear your hair out, here are some tips to transform your curly hair into beautiful curls … or perfect brushing!

The secret to a beautiful curl is hydration. Because curly and frizzy hair has the disadvantage of being very dry, their scalp does not produce enough sebum. It is, therefore, necessary to hydrate your hair well to be able to control it as well as possible.

Tame my curly hair
By Jacob Lund /

Nourish the hair well to tame it better

Being able to proudly wear pretty, supple, and light curls is the result of a long process. First, your curly hair is much more fragile than straight hair. They are drier and require constant hydration. This is why, as soon as you shampoo, choose a special extra-nutritive “curly hair” treatment. A conditioner is also recommended, for a double dose of hydration. Opt for treatments with strong nutritional power such as shampoos or masks based on wheat proteins, argan oil, olives or shea butter.
One to two washes per week is sufficient. Always prefer treatments with a gentle cleansing base, no need to attack a scalp that is already fragile by nature. For maximum hydration, do not neglect the conditioner. Also to be chosen for its nourishing action, it will deposit a sheath around the hair fiber to better protect it from external attacks (pollution, hairdryer, straightening iron …). They also bring them a maximum of softness and very pleasant touch.

Prefer a natural finish

After your hair has been washed and nourished, it’s time to style it and put it in place. There, the action is not very complicated: the less you do, the better!
No need to arm yourself with a brush or comb: the ideal is to pass a sculpting mousse over your still damp hair with your fingertips. The curls are then put in place naturally.

Straighten her curly hair

If you are not able to control your curls, you can choose to blow dry. First of all, know that straightening products will greatly facilitate your task. Thanks to them, the brush will slide more easily through your hair, detangling becomes child’s play. In addition, by sheathing the scales, they protect your hair from the heat of the hairdryer and make your brushing last.
The first thing to remember: no need to run. To be successful with your brushing you must be patient because you will have to brush strand by strand. Be careful not to bring the hairdryer too close to avoid damaging the hair fiber. For an ultra-glam result, apply a nourishing serum over the entire hair. This small gesture will make it bright and shiny.

Be careful, however, even if you find that the brushings look good on you, do not overdo it. It remains aggressive for your hair and one straightening per week is more than enough. The rest of the time enjoy your beautiful curls!