9 Tips And Tricks Makeup Artists Won’t Tell You

To save time in our beauty routine, we follow these 9 tips from the pros.

Source: Pinterest.com

1 – “To avoid looking for a particular tube or brush, we keep our makeup bag in order,” recommends David Vincent. When time is of the essence, it is better to spread everything out in front of you before applying makeup.

2 – We use products that allow us to get busy with other tasks while they are working, “such as a sheet mask that enhances the radiance of the complexion or a mask that can be activated and rinsed off in the shower,” adds Amanda Bell.

3 – We take advantage of brushing our teeth to let our serum or daycare penetrate.

4 – Instead of applying an iridescent shadow to the bright spots of the face, “we can just add a drop or two of highlighter to our moisturizer to give a healthy glow to our complexion,” advises Amanda Bell.

5 – We use our fingers instead of brushes, a technique that saves time while providing a more natural finish.

6 – To create a monochrome look, all you have to do is concoct a homemade cream shadow from our favorite neutral lipstick (natural, ros�, peach, apricot, rosewood, etc.). We mix it with a touch of transparent lip balm on the back of our hands and then use it to make up the eyelids and cheeks.

7 – “Multifunctional face palettes provide makeup to the complexion, cheeks, and eyelids while enhancing, sculpting, and adding glow,” adds David Vincent.

8 – No way to neglect our eyebrows: we sponge the mascara brush in a handkerchief after applying it to our eyelashes and we run the brush through our eyebrows to give them a little pep.

9 – Did weblink while applying mascara? To repair black fly paws under the eyes, we resist the temptation to remove everything and repeat the concealer step. Instead, let the stain dry and then remove it by rubbing it gently with a dry cotton swab.