7 tips approved by colorists to graze in beauty


If your monthly salon visits no longer seem worth it – or the price – there is an increasingly chic easy solution: gray! The secrets of these celebrity stylists will help you transition to gray hair.

gray hair

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1 – Be patient with your gray hair

There are a lot of interesting things that can happen when your hair turns gray, but for most people, at best, this is a process that takes forever and is certainly not going to happen overnight. “If you want to let your hair turn gray,” says Lauren Hack, celebrity colorist and co-founder of LAUREN + VANESSA Hair and Beauty in New York, you should know that patience is paramount. It will be a shock to the eye and it might put your emotions on edge, but you will need to focus on the end result and keep in mind why you made this decision. In short, do not panic and do not jump on the first bottle of tincture that falls on hand. There are a few ways to ease this transition.

beautiful gray hair

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2 – For beautiful gray hair, make strands

This may seem counterintuitive, but experts recommend adding subtle pops of color to transition to more evenly graying hair. “When you decide to let your gray hair grow naturally, start by dyeing it gently so that the roots grow more harmoniously,” says Kali Ferrara, senior colorist at the Roy Teeluck Salon in New York. Itís easy for an experienced colorist to apply a lighter base color that will blend with the highlights. Avoid warmer colors like reds and Venetian blondes, however, warns Kali Ferrara. These shades could indeed backfire and contrast even more with your roots.

darken your gray hair

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3 – Lightly darken your gray hair

As an alternative to locks, Lauren Hack suggests adding locks that are less vibrant than the natural color of your hair. “It reduces the color of the sprout and requires less maintenance – maybe every 10 to 12 weeks. “And if you really want to dare, you can ask your colorist to do a double treatment of your hair to give it a platinum or gray tone, and then let it grow as is. Itís important to note, however, that you will likely need more than one or two salon appointments to achieve the desired result.

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4 – Give your gray hair a good cut

If you do not want to add a new color to your hair and you are looking for a solution requiring less maintenance, Kali Ferrara recommends that you keep your roots as long as possible, then opt for a short cut to to remove all that remains of color. During the growth phase, you can hide your roots with a headband, hat or a beautiful scarf. “This is a radical change, but it may also be the new look you are looking for! she explains. See your natural hair color as a new adventure, a gesture of freedom. ”

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5 – Use good quality products at home

The texture of gray hair is quite different from the hair of your youth. George Papanikolas, hairdresser and artistic director of Matrix, explains that they are generally thicker, frizzy and dry. To combat this, he recommends treating your locks with moisturizers that will keep them silky and shiny. Her favorite? The whole range of Biolage R. A. W. products ďThey do not contain sulfates or silicones, so they are soft, but they are rich in powerful and natural ingredients which keep the wicks super hydrated. He recommends Biolage R. A. W. Re-Hydrate Mask. You should also add a shampoo with purple highlights to combat the coppery hue and keep your hair color bright. Stephanie Brown, colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York, recommends Clairol’s Shimmer Lights. “Itís cheap and itís effective!” ”
Make sure you choose the right product for your hair type.

Opt for salon treatment

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6 – Opt for salon treatment

Some salon treatments such as keratin and moisturizing masks are often more powerful than the ones you use at home. Mara Kadish, colorist at the Warren-Tricomi salon in New York, recommends giving your hair a nice shine effect, which you can do every week in the salon or at home. “A shine will give them a more finished, more polished look, because gray hair tends to look more curly and less smooth,” she says.

Another must-have treatment: Olaplex, which Mara Kadish describes as “a product that nourishes your hair”. ďIt restores the links that were broken in the hair, making them stronger, more voluminous and shiny! she says. Itís really like a magic wand for hair. ”

beautiful gray hair hairstyles

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7 – Try other hairstyles

Whether you’re trying to cover up or cover it up, Mara Kadish suggests trying a few of the styles that are going to get you out of your everyday look – a ponytail, a different stripe or paint them towards the ‘back to “hide” the roots. “Changing creates different looks that make gray hair look really cool and intentional,” she says. Keep changing and trying different styles as they grow. ”