Short hair : the colors to adopt


Want to give character and style to your cut? Adopt one of these colo trends spotted by our expert without further delay.


Nothing like a pretty color to enhance a hairstyle and give pep to our face. Here are the essentials of the season, especially suitable for short hair:

  • The platinum blonde which is worn over the entire length and which is energized with a few streaks of mint, orange, pink or purple. Avoid the tie and dye effect and prefer to place these splashes of color in the strategic places of your cut, like on a wick for example.
  • Metallic browns that light up brunettes’ hair and enhance brown hair.
  • The red with blonde highlights for an ultra glamorous sunny effect. An ideal colo for porcelain skins and light or hazel irises which enhances a short square or very degraded material.
  • The brown with purplish undertones to be worn evenly across the hair. It highlights the tanned complexions and gives the allure to the cups with bangs.
  • The ashy or silvery grays that awaken the salt and pepper hair. The ideal cut to display with this type of color? An ultra modern short unstructured or a smooth and disciplined asymmetrical look for a very chic look.

Thanks to Jean-Claude Barbotte Goralski, colorist Schwarzkopf Professional.