Having long hair would be better for your health


Sometimes the subject of legends, religious prohibitions or an element of social code, hair has always fascinated. Bio � la Une has cut its hair in four to disentangle the true from the false.
long hair


“There’s only one hair on Mathieu’s head” sang Michel Polnareff. In reality, the number of hairs on our heads is around 150,000. The hair grows 1.5 cm per month on average for four years to seven years. Then it goes through a rest phase before dying and falling, giving way to a new hair. If Princess Rayponce has a hair of several meters, our hair therefore inevitably falls before reaching 1.30 m in length.

During our life, our body produces about 10m of hair which would amount to 1000 km put end to end. Organic waste certainly biodegradable but, all the same. So what can hair be used for?

Wear long hair to be healthy

Like every part of the body, hair has a role to play in the functioning of our body. Indeed, the hair forms a protection around the skull against insects, but also against heat and cold and allows to regulate the body temperature.
In hot weather, the hair allows the sweat to evaporate slowly and cool the head. A real natural air conditioning system. In winter, long hair is a thermal insulator against the cold. People with long hair therefore waste less energy regulating their body temperature. This is no doubt why people with long hair are said to be more dynamic.

Long hair absorbs more solar rays, they facilitate the creation of vitamin D by the body and thus avoid deficiencies causing rickets, cavities, but also hypertension, cancer or depression. No wonder some people associate long hair and good health!

Wear long hair to better feel the outside world

What if the legend of Samson, whose supernatural force resided in his hair, found its explanation in metaphysics? Coming from a Native American belief that lent hunters an exceptional perception due to their long hair, this theory is based on the analogy of hair with antennas capable of picking up external signs that our five sensory organs cannot perceive. Cutting them would then amount to amputating one of our sensory organs and depriving us of our sixth sense. People with long hair would, therefore, be more sensitive and intuitive than others.