Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

You have a round face ? To enhance it or reduce its roundness of your choice, here is the advice of a pro, Marisol Suarez, the creator of the salons in his name. It helps you to determine the cut that suits you, adapted to your face morphology.

Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

How to recognize a round face?

A round face has an approximately similar distance from the chin to the top of the forehead and from one side to the other of the face, at the level of the cheekbones. It is also defined by its absence of angular lines both at the jaw and at the forehead and by its soft curves, often also by prominent cheekbones which give a somewhat childish air, a “cartoon face”. The full face, sometimes experienced as a defect, is on the contrary easy to highlight.

Round face hairstyles: what is the ideal cut?

It all depends on the texture of the hair, but “a mid-length cut, at the collarbone, with a destructured square base and a moving fringe” seems appropriate. The idea? Create a straight but tapered line on the tips.

This cut is suitable for both straight hair and curly hair, provided the volumes are well distributed.
For Marisol, “we do not always dare to be in the degraded and the bangs, but when the cut is worked, with accidents and many streaks on the face, it gives an extremely fresh side.

As soon as it�s too static around the face, on the contrary, it�s really the round side that stands out “. So we look for the gradient on the top of the head to give volume and remove the volume from the side.

Can we make bangs with a round face?

“You have to take into account the shape of the eyes and the eyelids but a long bangs, it can be very pretty when trying to highlight a round face.”
You radiate with the development of the cheekbones and the look.

It will also be necessary to think of working according to the hair color. “On the contrary, to attenuate the roundness, we opt for a fringe at the level of the eyebrows with movement, while degrading all around the face”.

Can we try short?

You can go into the court with a round face, “provided you opt for a very unstructured hair-styled faux-short it works very well on fine hair in particular,” says the professional.

On curly hair “it’s also very pretty if we separate the curls”. You have to “feel the texture”, a bit like when you leave the beach.

“The nape of the neck should also remain dressed. We play with hair on the earlobe and we give volume to the top of the head to create movement.”

Mistakes to avoid

The errors to avoid will concern the round face with a small neck: “that’s rather what is annoying”. If you choose a short cut, “the neck must remain ultra-feminine (with many small locks) at all costs”, advises Marisol.

Another not very recommended cut: the plunging square. “It�s the cup that doesn�t fit anyone, unless it is extremely important to maintain.” At the end of 15 days, we tend to have two weights on the side with this plunging side which ends up pulling down.

Finally, it is better to avoid “cuts with a too square base” on a round face: we end up with a volume on the sides which will even more round the whole face. “It�s not good for anyone to have volume on the side, but it�s even more marked on a round face.”

And to enhance your cut?

We can choose to work a little color, again with this idea of seeking movement.

To enhance the cut and color, you can use creams or serums by looking for a very pretty “foufou” lock look on curly hair, or even a seawater spray, rather on short and straight hair or else on the roots of long hair.

In any case, avoid changing your hair texture with a curling iron, etc. We can do it slightly by bringing movement, but it damages the hair … “The idea is to do with what we have”, recalls Marisol. “We can possibly have fun with color. It is the cut and the color that will give depth, by playing on points of light for example, without having to transform its nature of hair and to damage it.”

In conclusion, what hairstyles to choose for a round face?

Avoid very straight and too short, too strict squares, which will mark all the lines of the face and accentuate the round side of the face, but adopt a mid-length cut with a destructured square base, with or without bangs!

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