Coloring short hair, find the ideal color

Nothing like a pretty color to enhance a short haircut. Boyish, pixie or undercut, know that there are tricks to highlight each model. We will explain everything to you.

4 golden rules to know for coloring short hair

Coloring short hair
Asymmetric Bob Haircuts

If you have a very short boyish cut, go for a uniform and glossy coloring. It can be a pretty brown, jet black, platinum blonde or golden blonde. Play with waxes and gels to give your hair even more brightness and create a very chic luster effect.

If you have a short cut like undercut, with more volume on the top of the head and the front of the face, you can make sets of wicks and create a little more contrast. to display a slightly darker nape and sides of the head and to leave the top and front of the face a few lighter shades.

If you have fine hair and want to create an impression of volume, it is advisable to wear roots a little darker than the lengths and ends. It will also give a more natural look to your coloring, especially if it is blonde or light brown.

If you want to give character to your face, fall for a strong and dynamic color, like a platinum blonde, a pearl gray or even an ephemeral pastel. This will give your short haircut a trendy touch. Be aware that ideally, it is better to achieve these colors on a discolored basis.

The trends of the season

Caramel, chocolate and hazelnut nuances are very popular this spring-summer, as well as golden blondes and roux.
You can also crack without hesitation for a very deep brown or a slightly colder iced chestnut.
Finally, pink blondes and reds will seduce those who are looking for more original colors.