Haircuts: 5 short haircut ideas for white hair

Dynamic, modern, boyish or graphic, highlight your white hair with one of these short haircuts.

Nothing like a pretty short cut to give a facelift to white hair but also to give them more volume and movement. Our favorites: the very short and tapered boyish cut on the whole head, the voluminous pixie cut on the top and the undercut cut with the sides more tapered than the top of the head.

We are also inspired by the pretty haircuts of Fran�oise Hardy, Maye Musk, Helen Mirren or Line Renaud who understood that the short was ideal for sublimating their white hair.

You can also fall for a short square, perfect for those who want to keep a little length or those who have wavy or curly hair.
With a graphic, tapered, straight or slightly plunging line, the square is perfect for highlighting white hair and giving it a nice movement.

The trick: highlight it by carrying out a soft brushing with a round brush and a hairdryer.

1 – An undercut cut

An undercut cut
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2 – Jamie Lee Curtis’ short haircut

Jamie Lee Curtis' short haircut
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3 – Glenn Close’s short haircut

Glenn Close's short haircut
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4 – A voluminous short square

A voluminous short square
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5 – Boyish haircut

Boyish haircut
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