Haircuts: 5 short haircut ideas for white hair


Dynamic, modern, boyish or graphic, highlight your white hair with one of these short haircuts.

Nothing like a pretty short cut to give a facelift to white hair but also to give them more volume and movement. Our favorites: the very short and tapered boyish cut on the whole head, the voluminous pixie cut on the top and the undercut cut with the sides more tapered than the top of the head.

We are also inspired by the pretty haircuts of Françoise Hardy, Maye Musk, Helen Mirren or Line Renaud who understood that the short was ideal for sublimating their white hair.

You can also fall for a short square, perfect for those who want to keep a little length or those who have wavy or curly hair.
With a graphic, tapered, straight or slightly plunging line, the square is perfect for highlighting white hair and giving it a nice movement.

The trick: highlight it by carrying out a soft brushing with a round brush and a hairdryer.

1 – An undercut cut

An undercut cut

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2 – Jamie Lee Curtis’ short haircut

Jamie Lee Curtis' short haircut

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3 – Glenn Close’s short haircut

Glenn Close's short haircut

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4 – A voluminous short square

A voluminous short square

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5 – Boyish haircut

Boyish haircut

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5 misconceptions about white hair


More fragile, more difficult to color … The ideas received on white hair die hard. True or false? Maxime Pradere, colorist ambassador Eugène Perma professional answers us.

5 misconceptions about white hair


1 – White hair is more fragile

False. White hair tends to be more difficult to tame because “thicker and thicker”, notes Maxime Pradere. Of course, “it depends on the quality of the person’s basic hair fiber,” he adds. “If she already has fine hair and doesn’t have much, her gray hair will look the same.”

2 -  White hair is difficult to color

False. “Dyeing white hair is like drawing on a blank page, you can afford anything easily,” said the expert. All colors can be practiced because the hair is bare. “We can achieve colors that are difficult to achieve on dark lengths, such as platinum blonde”.

3 – White hair is the result of genetics

True. “The genetic factor plays a role in the appearance of gray hair,” said the professional. If both of your parents have “100% white hair at a certain age”, it is “very likely that this is also the case for you at the same age, but it is not compulsory”. Can we delay their appearance? “There is no care or treatment, which, to my knowledge, would postpone their arrival,” said Maxime Pradere. “However, we can always do a tone on tone coloring or make streaks to drown them in the hair”.

4 – White hair grows twice as much if pulled out

False. “It’s a myth,” says the professional. If you pluck a white hair, it will not make two others grow! “They don’t contaminate your hair,” he laughs. “A hair has a lifespan of 2 to 7 years approximately”, when we lose them naturally, it means that another hair follicle has taken its place. “If you force it out, at the start of its life it will not grow for the rest of the cycle.”

5 – White hair appears more quickly with stress

True. “Stress leads to their appearance more quickly because the hair is very sensitive to the body’s metabolism”. How to explain this phenomenon? It is thanks to melanin that your lengths are of this or that color. When you are stressed, the body produces fewer enzymes necessary for the production of melanin. “The bulb is less nourished, so the hair will become depigmented”.

White hair: 5 mistakes not to make


Update on faux pas that could compromise a bright color and a dynamic look with Christophe Nicolas Biot, hair colorist artist.

Lengths yellowed or too dry, frizz uncontrollable and dull hair … Some details can age and lead to appearance. However, having beautiful white hair is possible if you give yourself the means and avoid some mistakes. Here are five things you should not do to keep beautiful white hair.

White hair


1. Let them grow too much

It is very rare to see long white hair … and beautiful. For that, it would have to be smooth and silky, but once the melanocytes stop producing melanin and the hair loses its color, its texture changes. White hair tends to curl and be thicker. In addition, when they are too long, they always end up turning yellow on the lengths and ends. So it is better to find a well-cut hairstyle that matches your style, whether it is a mid-length, a square or a short cut.

2. Zap the colorist

Our environment contributes to the oxidation of hair, which inevitably turns yellow. It is important to continue to do care regularly and to visit your hairdresser or even your colorist in order to rework your “white” if necessary.

3. Smoking

There’s nothing worse than cigarette smoke when you have white hair. Smoking is already not very flattering for the skin (it tarnishes the complexion) but tobacco also turns hair yellow more quickly.

4. Leave them natural

White hair requires daily maintenance. Make a very mild shampoo every day, so that they are always clean and bright. Drier in nature, they quickly lose their shine, which is why it is necessary to work on them, brush them and style them.

5. Swear by blue shampoos

Indeed, they quickly decrease the yellow effect on the lengths. But beware, on the flip side. Too many blue shampoos risk swapping the yellow effect for slightly purplish reflections!