How to wear makeup in summer


With summer and rising temperatures, our skin and make-up need lightness. Exit compact foundations and thick creams, make way for light products that allow the skin to breathe! And on the makeup side, we put on nude colors and heat resistant products. Here are our tips for making up in summer.

If we love rich and nourishing creams in winter, as soon as temperatures start to climb, we prefer light and fresh textures. It is the same for makeup: we exchange our matte lipsticks for pink and sparkling glosses! The makeup adapts with the seasons and to avoid mistakes we give you some tips.

How to wear makeup in summer

By Valua Vitaly /

Light cleaning with water rather than milk

With perspiration and pollution of cities, small pimples can appear on your face. Also, even if we adapt a lighter makeup, we do not skip a cleaning, morning and evening. Light textures, such as organic micellar waters or lotions, are preferred in summer rather than cleansing milks. Cleaned and fresh, your skin can receive its moisturizing product.

A hydrating gel treatment

In summer, you don’t neglect the hydration of your skin! Indeed, with rising temperatures, the skin becomes dry. So apply a moisturizing and plumping treatment. Ideal when it’s hot? An ultra-refreshing organic gel-cream that will give you a boost for the whole day.
Little tip: to maintain hydration during the day, spray thermal water on your skin before dabbing with a clean tissue.

Light makeup with a tinted cream

In summer, put on your foundation, which is too covering, and replace it with a cream, type BB or CC or even good-looking, lighter. These creams will simultaneously hydrate, unify and brighten the complexion. By choosing organic, the components being natural, you reduce the risk of having allergies.
To accentuate a tan, enhance with a sun powder applied to the entire face, neck and décolleté. For an instant good-looking effect, emphasize the cheekbones! Does your face tend to glow in the heat? Unify your complexion with matte powders such as rice powder, compact powder or powdered mattifying papers.

Lightly made-up or frankly colored eyes

In summer, everything is allowed for eye makeup! You can opt for a simple pose of mascara. We choose it in this waterproof case, to resist sweating and swimming.
For your eyes, you can allow yourself to make up your eyes more by choosing eyeshadows in summer colors: turquoise, green, blue…

A glossy mouth for a natural effect

For a successful make-up in summer, we end with a colorful touch on the lips. Choose a moisturizing lip balm to protect your lips and succumb to summer colors: coral or orange.
One watchword therefore: dare to be original on the eyes and lips and bet on lightness for the rest. It’s your turn !