Pixie bob: 20 elegant ideas to help choose the perfect new look


If you’ve decided to change your image and get a stylish haircut, it’s time! We suggest looking at these elegant hairstyle ideas for short hair that will help you make the final decision and choose the perfect new look.

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Pixie bob haircuts are invariably relevant. They are great for those ladies who are in search of an unusual, but versatile hairstyle, which will not require significant effort to style. Many women hate to spend a lot of effort and time on their hair every day. So why not try a pixie bob?

After all, constant busyness forces you to pick up a hairstyle that does not require special care.

That’s why we prepared this selection for you – it’s quite real to look stylish without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Just take a look at the ideas and find your perfect look.

1. Pixie bob and stylish coloring

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The coloring helps to give the image a unique personality. The long strands that fall over the face create a delicate, feminine look that you’re sure to love.

This hairstyle is perfect for spring and summer. If you want to add glamorous notes to your hairstyle, you can make the hair on one side shorter than on the other.

If there is a need to change an existing pixie haircut, try just adding a few contrasting strands. This small detail will enhance your hairstyle in an amazing way.

2. Long pixie bob

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The long version of the stylish haircut is more suitable for delicate individuals who are not ready to part with their femininity. The hairstyle also takes a minimum of time to get a bright and attractive image.

3. Pixie bob for wavy hair

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A pixie bob for curly hair is another awesome option. Who says cute curls don’t go with short hair? That’s not true at all!

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4. Short pixie bob

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A bold short haircut has a special advantage. Firstly, you always look very fashionable, and secondly, you spend several times less time on hair care. But the most important feature of a short pixie bob is that you can forget about constant styling for a long time.

5. The layered pixie bob.

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If you’re looking for a slightly daring style, you probably can’t go wrong with a multi-layered pixie bob. This layered haircut can be very unexpected and surprising. You will love this style as it is very ѕekѕual. All eyes will be directed in your direction wherever you appear.

6. Pixie bob for blond hair

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For the pixie bob haircut in any variant, it does not matter at all what hair color a woman has. The hairstyle is universal in nature, so it looks equally good on blondes and brunettes. The only thing is that blond ladies with a pixie bob create the image of a real beauty queen.

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7. Pixie bob and slanted bangs

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Pixie bob allows you to experiment with the length and bangs. Women choose for themselves the optimal type of hairstyle, which can emphasize all the advantages and hide the necessary flaws. Oblique bangs can bring a note of intrigue and charming attractiveness into the image with a pixie-bob.

8. Pixie bob for dark hair

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Many people are convinced that the stylish and youthful pixie bob haircut is suitable only for women with blond hair. No one disputes that blondes with such a hairstyle look spectacular, but also brunettes get a lot of positive qualities. The first thing that catches the eye is the magical rejuvenating effect despite the dark shade of hair.

9. Pixie bob with an elongated nape

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A pixie bob with an elongated nape is very stylish. What’s more, if you add some blonde highlights to the basic hair tone, you will look simply stunning.

10. Pixie bob for thin hair

Try a trendy pixie bob and you will forever be a fan of this amazing hairstyle. Even if you have thin hair, it will suit you perfectly. And it doesn’t matter how old you are. This cute haircut has no age limit.

11. asymmetrical pixie bob haircut

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An asymmetrical pixie bob haircut looks unusual and enchanting.

Long slanted bangs give the hairstyle extra volume and help you feel just great!

12. Pixie bob for red hair

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There are no bans for women with fiery hair.

A pixie bob and a red shade create an incredible tandem that will emphasize the strong and vibrant character of the fashionista.

13. Pixie bob with a shaved back of the head

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Creative girls love interesting haircuts. A pixie bob with a shaved nape at the front looks perfectly normal, but at the back it is a mind-blowingly bold hairstyle with a noticeable volume.

Just such a quality haircut is suitable for ladies with a creative mind.

14. Pixie bob with a shaved temple

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A sterner version of a bold haircut is the pixie bob with a shaved temple.

This detail is easy to hide with asymmetrical styling, and if desired, open up to show off your stylish look.

Get a haircut and enjoy your amazing new style. A pixie bob is guaranteed to get you lots of compliments. This hairstyle is unique and you will never regret choosing it.

Which hairstyle did you like?

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