How to make a pixie cut at Home


The spirit of freedom and rebellion is exactly what the pixie reflects. We tell you about one of the most popular haircuts of the season.

It’s no coincidence that this trend is associated with pixies. The origin of the pixie hair can be traced back to 1953, when ‘Roman Holiday’ starring Audrey Hepburn was released. The heroine parted with
Her character parted with her curls in pursuit of independence and freedom. A peculiar version of the short haircut, which is modernized
into a pixie cut decades later.

Many stars at different times have opted for pixies. Among them actresses Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, designer Victoria Beckham, singer Rihanna. Why do they like this haircut so much?

Pixie is a short female haircut in which the hair is shortened at the temples and nape of the neck, but has elongated strands at the crown. Often there is a torn bangs, adding boldness to the image.

Who it suits

The pixie cut has many variations, so it can suit any type of face
and hair type. The only thing is that the owners of curly hair may have difficulties with the styling.

The oval face is a free choice; you can try any type of pixie;

Round shape – there is a need to visually narrow the face, so you can add angles. For example, you can cut longer oblique bangs;

Square – A squared shape with textured bangs;

A triangular shape – a pixie with original bangs will emphasize the advantages of the face;

Rhombus shape – a haircut with elongated side strands will help to remove unnecessary angularity and soften facial features.

Cutting technique

Different masters have their own tips and tricks, but the classic technique consists of the following steps:

  1. The hair is divided into sections using the “horseshoe” method: the parietal, occipital and temporal areas. The back of the head is divided by a straight parting.
  2. The haircut begins from the hair growth line near the neck. It is necessary to select the main strand at the back of the head, pull it back and form the hairstyle.
  3. Now separate the strands to the right and left of the main one. When cutting them it is necessary to be guided by the length of the edging.
  4. Then proceed to cutting the back of the head. The peculiarity is to gradually increase the angle of pulling back the strands, bringing it to 90 degrees.
  5. In the same way edging at the temples is performed.
  6. The last part is the parietal area. Here you move from the top of the head
    and then you go from the top of the head to the face.

However, remember that the pixie algorithm can vary depending on the shape of the face.

Pixie styling

Despite the fact that with pixie hair has a rather short length, it needs proper styling.

Different variations of this haircut help to create a variety of images – from the elegant restraint of a businesswoman to the original graphic lines in the style of a rock star.

Let’s look at some of the possible hairstyles:

  • Laconic: this type is suitable for the office and business meetings. Comb and smooth out the strands with the help of a styling fixer such as gel, mousse or varnish;
  • Style: Perfect to show the true pixie spirit. It requires a little ruffling of the hair after washing,
    It’s perfect to show the true pixie spirit, with a bit of frizz after washing and a few individual highlights in gel or wax;
  • Retro: this is a great solution for evening looks. If the pixie has elongated bangs then you can comb them and style the bangs backwards, fixing them with hairspray;
  • Daring: suitable for those who are ready to surprise others. Pixie
    With long strands on the top – a great hairstyle that
    The pixie hairstyle can be transformed into a Mohawk for the holidays. All you need to do is comb it and fix it with gel and varnish.

Do you like the pixie cut? How popular is it with your clients?

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