How to cut a woman’s haircut Pixie. Video tutorial.


Greetings to all guests and subscribers of the channel. My name is Alexey. For over 25 years working as a hairdresser, a graduate of Pivot Point (St. Petersburg), I am a teacher at the training center and a technologist Schwarzkopf Professional.

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My model Anna

has had a short haircut for a number of years and she is perfectly happy with her haircut. At the preliminary diagnostics, we found out that different masters took part in the creation and refreshment of her image. Sometimes it was successful work and sometimes not quite satisfactory.

Anna wanted to try a “new look,

a fresh look, taking into account the fact that to stay in short form. In most information sources such a haircut, which also has a lot of variations, most often bears the modern name of pixie (pixie). Anna’s hair is of medium thickness, moderately elastic, as seen, dyed with a permanent dye, so it is definitely porous, but having the effect of regular maintenance. In short, I would describe them as “moderately pliable and easy to work with.”

This video tutorial

shows in detail how to create a short, modern pixie haircut for women.

The haircut is based on

combination of a graduated shape on the temporal-lateral and occipital zones and a uniform (uniform) shape in the frontal-parietal zone.

The haircut is personalized

through active texturing, disconnecting a small sector on the right side and short oblique bangs.

The video lesson concludes with two

styling options:
1. Creating a quick volume with a hair dryer “on your fingers”, on the principle of “blow, spit and go”)), i.e. styling for a quick hand, which is not difficult to do at home yourself.

2. Styling with styling products, brushes and brushing.

Using Schwarzkopf Professional CC Crem Complit Control Cream For Colored Hair. Screenshot from the video tutorial.

Creating direction and volume with brushing. Screenshot from the video tutorial.

The products used in the work were:

✅ Schwarzkopf Professional CC Crem Complit Control Cream For Colored Hair

✅ Dry texture spray Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Texture Craft

✅ Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Fix

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