Can you trust the hairdresser’s taste or should you explain it to her


I’ll say so, you should not trust, it is better to show a photo, so the master will immediately understand your wishes and offer additional, more interesting options.
Not every client is able to explain correctly the details of the haircut, at the same time not every master is ready to hear your wishes and understand your individual fantasies, especially if he works in a stream hairdresser.

Before going to the salon, I advise you to take care and find a photo of your desired haircut or show your previously successful haircut. If there are no angles from all sides, you can find similar shapes on the Internet, even on the opposite shade of your hair. The main thing here is to focus the master’s attention on what you need.

Why you should not trust the taste of a hairdresser
– Because everyone has different tastes, even competent masters. And these tastes change the faster the more often the master attends training seminars. This is exactly what happened to me, and to my colleagues, too.

For example, at one time I loved to cut “Pixies” with long bangs. I suggested it to everyone. It seemed to me that a super cool, unconventional shape would make any unsightly woman look beautiful. I did not care that many people found the length of the bangs super uncomfortable. I persistently taught my clients to fix their hair at the face.
Then I attended a workshop on crisp geometric haircuts. It was cool, fell in love again and here we go. “I naturally fell out of love with pixies.

– Not all masters have the desire to understand what suits them and what doesn’t. They won’t pay money for a consultation. That’s why they recommend what they know and can do quickly.

If you want to get the highest quality service, unfortunately, many of us ourselves will have to take care of this: to find a competent specialist and show him the prepared options haircuts or ask for a fee consultation with a hair stylist and get individual recommendations.

Friends, I hope it was useful.

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