15 Most Prominent Hairstyles for Women Over 40!


If you are over 40, you have to make sure that you have a type of hairstyle that is perfect for all of your needs. You should make sure that you have a type of hairstyle that may be similar to the way your hair used to look, or you can be sure that you will have a dramatic-looking simple hair cutting that will leave everyone thrilled.

1. short beach waves hairstyle

hair cutting
lily collins short hair

This beautiful shoulder-length layering style is perfect for soft, vibrant hair. It’s also a style that requires very little effort in the morning!

2. The pixie with bangs

pixie bop

The pixie cut is very fashionable at the moment. This version adds a fringe on the side that rejuvenates the face. Perfect for big foreheads!

3. Wavy bob short natural hairstyles

hair removal laser

This simple yet sophisticated hairstyle is best suited for hair with natural flexibility. The short bleached strands add depth and volume to this cut!

4. lily collins short hair

lily collins short hair

The “tomboy” effect seen here makes the look so much younger! This hairstyle still needs to be styled every morning to prevent the hair from flattening on the head.

5. The square bob of Cate Blanchett

hair colour

This bob-on straight hair is very classy but still leaves a touch of fantasy with its asymmetrical effect. Perfect for professionals and thick hair!

6. Natalie Portman’s side drop

hair colour

This romantic style is perfect for going out! The hair fall to the side perfectly highlights the face. Be careful to preserve the volume!

7. Nicole Kidman’s natural waves

hair colour

For curly hair that doesn’t want to put in too much effort in the morning, the middle parting and natural waves on the sides are always a good option. The volume gives energy and the slight layering frames the face!

8. Halle Berry’s pixie

hair colour

This dynamic pixie is perfect for highlighting beautiful eyes. The short strands that frame the face emphasize the eyes beautifully!

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ straight hair

hair colour

Pour les longues crinières de cheveux raides, cette coupe convient parfaitement : un très léger dégradé sur la hauteur et un peu de volume ajouté sur le haut du crâne !

10. Kate Garraway’s straight bangs

hair colour

This quirky, straight cut is perfect for straight hair. The straight bangs give a youthful look and the highlighted effect adds depth to the cut!

11. Heidi Klum’s tapered bangs

hair colour

Pour ne pas risquer un look extrême avec une frange droite, mais toujours bien encadrer le regard, cette frange effilée est un très bon compromis !

12. The wavy bob of Lena Headey

hair colour

This square with a side strand is easy to maintain. Adorned with large earrings, it perfectly highlights the face!

13. Rose Byrne’s bun

hair removal laser

A bun is always a good choice to clear the face and give a professional look. For a night out, add volume to the bun for a dressy look!

14. The voluminous waves of Sandra Bullock

hair removal laser

This great depth gradient gives a lot of volume to naturally wavy or even curly hair!

15. The bob and the bangs on the side of Cameron Diaz

hair removal laser

For fine hair, this strand takes the edge off the strictness of the bob. Bleached hair also adds depth to the cut!

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